Immersed in Exploration: Unveiling the Unspoken

As an artist, I'm a relentless explorer, delving into the diverse realms of drawing, painting, animation, new media, and AI art. Each medium serves as a portal, offering unique perspectives on the human experience. My journey has been a tapestry woven from countless artistic endeavors, each thread enriching my understanding of this multifaceted world we inhabit.

At the heart of my creative philosophy lies the desire to immerse viewers within the artwork. Think of it as stepping into a dream, a captivating realm with its own rules and logic. I believe that the true magic unfolds in the interaction between the artwork and the observer, where the intricacies of the human mind paint their own interpretations. I meticulously craft each piece to ignite a spark of introspection, guiding viewers towards concepts that resonate beyond the physical artwork itself.

My artistic practice is a tapestry of personal expression, woven with threads of experimentation and exploration. Each creation is a culmination of this artistic journey, designed to evoke introspection and emotional resonance. Ultimately, my art becomes an invitation, a catalyst for self-discovery within the ever-evolving realm of artistic expression.

Through art, I seek to unlock the unspoken language of the human experience, defying definition and sparking imagination.

Born in Tehran in 1984, Amir Mokhber's artistic journey began with his initial passion for drawing and painting. However, it was the world of animation that marked a significant turning point in his artistic exploration. After transitioning from a career in computer software, Amir embarked on a new path, dedicating himself to the pursuit of his creative vision. 

In 2013, he took a bold step forward by exhibiting a series of his paintings at Etamed Gallery, launching his artistic career. Since then, Amir has actively participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, showcasing his versatile talents across various mediums, including painting, drawing, animation, and interactive art. 

Based in Tehran, Amir remains deeply connected to his artistic roots. Throughout his journey, he has consistently embraced both digital and analogue mediums, which have been integral to his creative process since its inception. His work embodies the ever-fluctuating order of the environment, blurring the lines between abstraction and emergence, duality and suspense, illusion and dream. These elements form the very essence of his artistic expression, shaping the narrative within his imagery and infusing his work with dynamic movement. 

Amir Mokhber invites you to explore his artistic world, where his self-expression takes form. Discover the captivating stories he weaves through his imagery, as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft. Join him on this artistic adventure and witness the fusion of passion, talent, and creativity that define his unique artistic voice.