O Gallery Tehran 2018

O Gallery Tehran 2018

These years have coincided with the growth of the visual arts and the need to introduce young talents who are generally experimenting in the field of blending and processing prestigious schools to align with their contemporary visual currents in search of a new personal language and expression.

The collection is a neo-expressionist experience with the removal of the mental and spiritual extensions of Oriental painting. A point that has created a variable range of mechanisms and visual meanings relative to a school with known components. Such a type of algorithm for arranging and processing elements that are clearly arranged side by side or on top of each other In multiple colors and using mental lights, Plate engraving with distinct intersections of lines without rules of perspective is drawn by creating differences in the dimensions and size of the forms relative to the space, which is reminiscent of pictorial features. Thus, unlike the reproduction of the works of painters and expressions, which are basically in the display of form by creating a huge difference in lines and surfaces and color characteristics that act by creating lines and spots of dull and specific colors to create space and display the elements at once. Amir Mokhber has tried to adopt an approach based on layered structures and structures due to the color of the shadows to the geometric details and the entanglement of the lines of the facade, object and nature facade.

Scroll design that depicts the nature of archetypes, myths, fragments of reality or nature, and objects in psychoanalytic development, along with an objective description of buildings, pools, ponds, fountains, barren lands, and landscapes. The game depicts dreamy structures such as ancient palaces or temples with an eerie theme with lost human communities that uncertainly promise the beginning or end of human civilization,But it is obvious that a series of religious ideas, mental states, spiritual passions and descriptions of time include such an inverse ecstasy that instead of flying the mind and soul in the realm of the supernatural, the mood and desires of the audience lead to the realm of nature. he does.

Drawings and scrolls depicting the ecstatic life of human beings in mental landscapes, the nature of which reveals a mystical mentality inclined before recalling natureĀ 

Like lifeless single trees, which is itself a metaphor and metaphor, other works are also metaphorical and show the intertwining of different situations and positions and reminders of mental and psychological situations in the form of a display consisting of objective and mental elements that range from various situations. It has created a visual and narrative psychological spirit, which we use as a criterion for recognizing its scope. The effect of the archer's fantasy is a confrontation between the heterogeneity and indecision of the superhero in the contemporary world - a radiant scene with the houses of a hero like a hero who shields himself desperately with a bow desperate to perform a heroic action aimlessly.

Reza Panahi 2018

Translated by Ali Sarrlak