Video Mapping Festival France2023


#6   -  WALLERS - ARENBURG - JUN 2023

"Echoes of the Depths" is a visual exploration that delves into the Arenberg Fosse Mine and the brave workers who risked their lives to extract resources from the depths of the earth. This project employs the striking contrast of black and white photography and the use of textures to convey the stark contrast between light and dark in the subterranean environment.

The project showcases a timeline of portraits of the miners who worked at the mine, spanning throughout history, thereby paying tribute to their resilience and the significant impact they had on the local community. By employing textures in the projections, the gritty and rough nature of mining is brought to life, adding depth and dimension to the visuals. The interplay of alternating flashes of light and shadow, creating a sense of drama and urgency, effectively underscores the dangers and challenges of working in the mine.

Ultimately, "Echoes of the Depths" is a heartfelt homage to the unwavering perseverance and tremendous sacrifices made by the workers who toiled in the depths of the earth, bringing forth resources that were significant to the world above. This project stands as a testament to their enduring legacy and inspires awe and admiration for their heroic efforts.

Amir Mokhber.